A Tree Change

My name is Christian Phoenix, and I used to be a graphic designer living modestly in the western suburbs of Brisbane.

My wife and I decided we'd had enough of traffic, queues, tolls, and huge living costs. We decided to take a chance, pack it all up, and make a simpler life for ourselves and our family.

We decided to make a tree change.
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Summer in Townsville

Wow. It was hot. Just shy of 40°c during the day, and lucky to get under 30°c at night.

It reduced working on the caravan to short spurts broken up by large breaks hiding in air-conditioning during the days.

Before long the hot summer brought with it Cyclone Yasi, a category 5 monster that had the threat of plowing straight over the top of us.

We braced ourselves for the worst, and as Yasi rolled in we spent the night on a mattress under the house. Yasi came in great howling gusts, like waves on a rising tide. Every wave was more powerful than the last, every ease was less relaxed than before.

By now we’d been without power for nearly 8 hours, and were blind to news and position updates of Yasi.

Huge crashes told us of the destruction that was going on outside, and we were genuinely worried that flying debris would knock the house down at any moment.

It was an odd combination of excitement, fear, and awe that we felt. And it just kept going. The power, I cannot express the sheer power that we witnessed.

Needless to say, it was a very restless night.

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